Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"My Petal" by Chris Ryan and "Yesters" by Chris Ryan and Amy Sperry Faldet

The struggling traits of circumstance are indifferent to a love in bloom. It is only when the summer fades and autumn wields a harvest of trials that the inherent dangers of wilting will then the rose acknowledge. The petal however, is at one with its demise and immune to the forlorn nature of falling. For only the petal in itself can withstand the trials ahead. This is why I will not compare you to a rose, but rather a single petal - MY petal!
(Mixed media painting by Amy Sperry Faldet)

Yesters by Chris Ryan and Amy Sperry Faldet
Girl with eyes like the playground sun of my youth
If I could just write this weird tale I could live forever in her beautiful music 
But my words are muffled in tomorrow's noise
Boy, of ages and smoldering, calm, in your eyes you travel to see she holds the paper you need. Just make your mark. Taste our inked mist.