Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some way by Chris Ryan

Desiderate~ to feel the lack of or need of; to long for.
I love poets who can say things with seeming simplicity, yet, the words pull you to a place where you swear you can feel what they are writing like words settling into your heart. One such poet is Chris Ryan. We have collaborated my art and his poetry, at times, in the past, which always seems to inspire more. See my blog for more of his poetry. He never ceases to pull human emotion through his full, vibrant, clear, ...writing. Here is his latest, plus, images of others' works with the same theme.
"Some Way" by Chris Ryan
You've been living on a wall
in this room in my head
A picture in my mind
I stare at every day
I go to bed dying
but I've got to have you someway
It's killing me slowly.

It is the dream spot, the world of desideration. It resides in us all.


Palomasea said...

Blessings and Sunshine, dearest Amy...

Rohini Sharma said...

Very nice!