Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Surviving What You Think You Can't...

I lay in my bedroom, tonight, and I realize so much...  the best things seem to be after the worst.   I have had this painting partially done for quite awhile...
I felt it still had to tell me something.
It was not until today, when reading Augusten Burroughs' This is How: Surviving What You Think You Can't, that I realized something so profound for me that I find it has me shaking...
I have known the concept, said it even, I am sure, but, until today and now late this evening closing on the magic of 11:11, do I think I have the true and sad, the complete and glad of it in my heart...
When certain people come together, though, completely, utterly, simply, lovely, on their own, with their own strengths and journeys, they finally soar and knowing that, it allows you to let go of any thing else you need from anyone else because, for me, at least, it means that you value that person enough to see how sometimes a moment is all you need to remember that always of yourself.  Sometimes we only have a moment with a person or a realization and it stays with us forever.

I painted on this painting, tonight, the  words, ", together, we dream and we soar."
I can count on my hand the five people that send me to the true understanding of that concept. 
Four little moonbeams and one sunbeam, new to me, with words like motes of encouragement. 
I want to tell you, now, what I realized...
No matter if I never know that sunbeam, again, never see another mote in front of an uncertain, dusty, pane, I feel that certain words, poetic or mere commonplace, will give me a lift all of my days.
I want to always feel that beam of kindness and I know I will for that light from a knight will stay.
Because what those beams have taught me is this, what I have taught me, is this,
I am a beam, as well, and the love and words from such people, helps me shine light to others, now,

 and that is how we soar by writing and painting and living and sharing love.

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