Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pillow Land by Christopher Ryan and Amy Sperry Faldet

A poem for you, from us, as soft as rose petals,
to bring you to your own Pillow Land...

Pillow Lands by Christopher Ryan and Amy Sperry Faldet

Of Camelot she dreams at night

Bestride a steed, her Valiant Knight

Hastens ‘cross the emerald vale

His song, the call of a Nightingale

Echoes from the make-believe,

Soft murmurs of a midsummer’s eve

Ignite the glow of a thousand faery lights

that shine upon the Pillow lands tonight
With blossoms turning to watch them meet, they are toe to toe, breathless, inspired over meadowsweet.  The twinkle of tiny orbs in the branches hover low as she lays her head upon the pillow.  The Pillow Lands, almost, as comforting as a caress from his hands.

Photography by Amy Sperry Faldet

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