Saturday, November 30, 2013

One room bliss?

I adore the idea of a one room abode, always have romanticized the idea in my mind.  After finding Pinterest, well let's say it has become a fun infatuation of mine! I would have more color placed here and there, but, in all these photos give me great peace.  Here are some of my fanciful findings...
I would store my bike, gardening tools, and vehicle, below.  This would be my favorite style of architecture.  (looks like it belongs with the house I am in now, doesn't it?)
This is a dream room for me, so romantic, just right for two.
Kitchen supplies would be stacked neat and simple.
This was the size of my first apartment kitchen when we moved back to Wisconsin!

I would try to have unique sitting areas and resting areas.
Maybe part of it would be two levels?
Storage would have to be creative!
Vintage suitcases, baskets, armoires, dressers, of which I already have, would be here and there.
Just right for a daydream Saturday!
A perfect little place for two!

1 comment:

Palomasea said...

So lovely to see you post, dear Amy!
Yes, this would be a cozy and romantic hideaway...what beautiful images...aahhhh... :)
A small space is something I actually enjoy...we are in a teeny apartment, (that does need to be de-cluttered a bit), but I love the freedom that comes with this space. Only the essential and beautiful.
I know that wherever you reside, sweet friend, there is beauty, love and magic...
Many blessings, love, and light to you this holiday season...
Warm hugs,
- Irina