Monday, February 25, 2013

Every once in a while I check out about a woman’s look at her creative spirit, her journey through life, and how it feels to leave old ideas for new.  In 2010, I read the words, “The Best Thing was to Simply Begin,” in Artful Blogging.  Those words are my morning mantra.  The best thing is to simply begin.  Just think of what could be. I feel those words when I step.  I feel them when I smile.  I feel them when I let the wind wind through my fingers as they burn a little from the snow I wanted to touch the moment before.  I have been asked so often, “How are you so happy?  People are not always kind, yet, you don’t mind.”  Depending on the person, how much they know about my past, what I can sense they really want to discuss, my answers vary.   It is perceived that I don’t mind.  That is not the case.  A favorite song comes to mind as they ask…  The Past, The Love, The Memory by A Skylit Drive… and then, I think, there are thousands of moments.  The Best Thing is to Simply Begin.  I do mind when people are unkind.  I do feel it.  Maybe not like others do I have noticed.  But, I feel it.  I know those of you who really know me, though, know I feel so many other things that sometimes when others are condescending or exclusive or mean, it registers very small.  They seem small and my reaction is barely noticeable. 

Can I tell you what the difference is for me?  By living each moment as a fresh experience, I put no pressure on the next one or a past one to make me feel happy.

Anyone familiar with Great Expectations will be able to visualize the horrible scene of the Wedding Feast.  It is rotten with disappointment.  I ask you, would you invite that feeling of decay, of waste, into your heart on purpose?


Neither do I.

Living with disappointment, keeping and tending that, is decay.

The Best Thing is to Simply Begin…

Each day

Each breath

Each kiss

Each laugh

Each taste

Each feel

Each journey

Each moment
(Painting by Amy Sperry Faldet)

As if it is as fresh as a new love, a new book, a new perspective. It doesn’t mean I forget, in fact, those who know me know I can recall too much.  It is not that I don’t mind.  There are just too many things to experience to let those little prickers stay long in my heart.  Thousands of moments of possibility.

I don’t get to visit blogs like I would like right now, but, in January of 2012, Alessandra Cave from wrote to her readers what would be your dream trip? 

Of course, since I have not yet travelled like I have hoped,

 it stirred the imagination. 

Of course, I would love to visit the Bibliotheque designed by Henri Labouste in Paris. 

I would love to have a Pip picnic in some dappled corner of Amsterdam.


An ice cream in Brugge would be ideal. 

Reading next to a waterfall in Wales is a wish.
Taking a nap in the woods on a crisp early Summer afternoon.
Or find where Walt Kuhn painted this...

I know if these things happen, (sigh,) they would be experiences to cherish. 

I think about them all the time.  Yet, this is one thing that I must tell you.  Artists like my friends and those like Alessandra Cave remind me (emphasis on the re-mind) that the most beautiful places can be within. 
Others have no place there if you wish.  Let in only those that smile easily, understand you, love you, call you, friend.

See the places of your heart that are light and true, live there every moment that you can and those who are small and hard like little pebbles will have no choice but to roll right back out.   They are ineffective as irritants, then. Do you see?  Let them roll away.  They don't belong in your heart and home.  After they try to steal your light or trample your heart, just move to the next moment for the best thing is to simply begin... again.
(Painting by Amy Sperry Faldet)


Jess said...

Thankyou for such soothing words Amy. The word 'simply' makes it all the more easier to accept for me. I sometimes begin but then find it difficult to keep on going, this is a fault of mine that I wish I didn't have. I shall simply begin again each time.
I love the paintings of yours you have here to illustrate the post. :)xx

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Thanks dear one!I am lucky to know your light! Blessings and friendship, always!

Palomasea said...

Thank you, dearest Amy, for your inspiration, your light, your wisdom, your art...
You are so very special, and I agree with your post a million percent...
Thank you!!
What lovely places you dream of...
With love and light,
- Irina :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear AMY!

I have been on my own journey and what a trip it has been. Anita

Zuzu said...

So full of beauty and wonderful things to ponder and apply to our lives.
Hugs to you, sweet Amy.
~ Zuzu

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Sorry for breaking the rules of over-using exclamation marks, but I am so thrilled to see your comment! I remember this post, and I know dearest; life changes so much and blogging becomes more difficult to manage. But the people behind the words and images are more real than ever these days. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRESENCE TODAY! MANY HUGS TO YOU and please, please blog again! Anita

april said...

Wonderful reminder on the way to handle disappointment in other do only hurt yourself if you hang on to it. thank you.