Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter pie recipe (plus, a twist)

I love winter vegetables! Getting Vitamin C is hard at this time.  Most people don't use turnips or parsnips because they think they are bitter.  This will change your mind forever.  I am a vegetarian, so this is a super healthy comfort food for the cold days of the season. 
I originally made this mix only for a crusty, delicious pie or to put into crescent rolls, but, if you do all this and THEN, also add bread crumbs and some flour like you would to create a meatloaf you could eat these like a burger pattie on a toasted bun or warm, fresh croissant!
Blogger is not letting me load these pics, sooooooo here it is without visuals!!!! sad.

Sautee mushrooms in butter and olive oil, seasoning salt, and garlic.
Peel and cut a turnip, parsnip, carrot, just cut two small red potatoes
Put in large stock pot with vegetable stock (1 can)
Add 1 yellow onion cut in chunks (sm./med.)
Boil 20 min. or until it looks fairly boiled down, but not total mash.
If you want patties and not the mash-like stuff for the pie crust, now is when you add about 1/2 c. or less of the fine bread crumbs and a few pinches of flour, until the consistency of meat.
Add sauteed mushrooms (don't wash skillet if you want to use it for patties, just add more butter to cook them up later).
Put it all in the blender or food processor.  Don't make paste out of it, please.
Add to pie crusts 
For patties,
cook in hot skillet at first to get that golden crisp on some of it and then, lower heat until feels firm, flipping once.
Hope you enjoy!


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Palomasea said...

Sound deliciously comforting....yum!
We need this now....below zero highs this week...yikes! :)
Stay cozy, dear Amy...
- Irina

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hugs to you, Irina!!!!