Monday, August 6, 2012

I am glad to know all of you, those who share the light, see the good, work towards beauty...

Ask people what they wish for in the world, and they say, "We want more people with open hearts, open minds, more people who share freely their resources, time, joy, share of themselves."  But, most of them do not really want this based on their actions.  They do not trust.  They lie that they want to meet more people with those positive characteristics.  I have been on this Earth 40 years now. To some this seems old, to some this seems young, to me, it seems enough, sometimes.  I say this because I will never be jaded, but, I am taking a moment to share my frustration at how blind so many are in this world.

"All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions." William Butler Yeats said this, and I agree, which is why I tend toward such a mellow disposition.  I find with my disposition, as such, it leads to a good life, creates positivity and shared progress towards a peaceful existence, more than rants or extreme thought ever could.

Today, I will express myself, though, not in extreme, just in a mode of questioning...

If you give freely, why do people assume you are too good to be true?

If you are kind, why are your motives questioned?

If you don't fight, why do people think you don't care or act?

If you are friendly to someone of the opposite sex, why is it assumed you want sex? 

If you are live simply, why do people assume you are lazy?

If you value family, why do people say one thing and really mean another.

If you smile, why do people resent it?

If you shine, why are people jealous?

Can people ever truly see what is before them?  There is an opportunity for friendship, abundance, calm, clarity, knowledge, in everyday!

If you are not interested in gossip, why do you become the one they gossip about?

If you are only interested in helping others, why are you seen as gullible?

If you love what happens, good and bad, because you can see the lesson in it all, why do people think you naive?

I do not know about this Earth. I have been lucky enough to meet those who know me well enough to know my intentions.  I have met those who question their own intentions and therefore, question everyone else's.   I am never going to change my generosity, my thoughtfulness, my creative tendencies, my need to never climb power ladders, exclude others, nor am i going to allow all the ego-based decision-makers change my light.  I just had to say this, today.  I am questioning so I can let go of the pain I let in when others perceive through such toxic cesspool eyes!

Don't worry, I will never cease trying to show my light, trusting in myself and humanity.  Don't worry, I will not become jaded and less in order to feel part of this experience.  I will always believe Yeats' words, "The world is full of magic things waiting for our senses to grow sharper."  I love all of you who see beauty everyday and love freely and trust deeply and create joy and spread kindness.  I love all of you so much, though you are rare, precious jewels in this world.
"For he gave all his heart and lost." ~ Yeats


Silke said...

You are that rare jewel, you know? Never stop living your truth. Everyone else is just insecure and they hide that in different ways that can be hurtful if you care what others think. You are such a bright and shining light - don't ever lose that!!! Much love to you! Silke

Palomasea said...

What a beautiful artist and human being you are...
I am here via another treasured gem, Anita at Castles...
I agree with Silke...always live your truth. Sometimes I feel that I am the crazy one in this world, but then my soul quietly reminds me that it's probably the other way around ;)
You and I are the same age, and I am nodding my head to everything you have expressed here...feel very much the same way.
Blessings and light to you, and thank you!
- Irina

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Thank-you Silke and Irina!!!!Blessings!

Palomasea said...

And thank YOU for such a beautiful comment at my place! :))
Have a lovely day...I am having so much fun exploring your magical art and blog!
- Irina

A Magical Whimsy said...

Whoa! Deep thoughts here. I too never want to have a jaded mind-set. It profits nothing, and only leaves scars on those who have to endure such pain from others. I have done kind deeds only to be frowned upon by bi-polar idiots. Seriously, I have stopped putting things right in stores. I once took an empty Children's video up to a counter to let them know the video was missing, and I had no sooner turned my back and the idiot, volunteer woman clerk remarked 'I bet she took it! I just put it there this morning!' I felt like saying to her 'Here's my lawyer's card you can call him as I will be filing a slander law suit against you.' But...I am a nice person so I just shook my head in disbelief. Another idiot woman in an airport had 'just' lost her cell phone. I was in the restroom and my sister was calling me and it rang three separate times, and I said under my breath 'Stupid phone!' So I walk out and there is this lady standing there and she says to me 'Can I see your phone, I just lost mine and it has the same ring tone as yours!'(Yeah, let's see there are only about 2,000,000 million other cell phone customers in America with the same common Verison ring tone!) I told her no that she couldn't see my phone. I didn't even tell her I didn't have it as that would be redundant! (I mean, my husband has told me to ignore idiots in airports) She looked at me and said 'Why are you on the defensive?' I turned around and walked out and later at baggage claim the same woman and her husband were there and he outright asked me AGAIN! 'Can I see your phone?' She had gone off and told her husband about the encounter in the bathroom and would NOT believe me. People can be so rude. I did show the husband MY phone, and he shook his head 'no'. Then I went to security and told them I was being harassed. Whatever. And here I am, a middle aged woman and not some tramp in the airport!
So, the idiots are out there no matter how nice or unassuming one may try to be. It really hurt me way down deep inside, as those two different ladies in two completely different surroundings didn't care if they were slighting my character in front of many other strangers and they were sooo wrong in doing so. I have, most of my life, always wanted to be kind to strangers myself. If I see a homeless person I will give them a dollar or two. I try to live by LOVE. So, all I could do was to pray for those two ladies and the husband to boot! I felt like telling him that his wife was a basket case and needed psychological help. Good grief!
Anyway, such is life.
Thanks for this blog post.
You came to my Mad Tea Party the other day. I know Irina and Anita very well too. Such lovely ladies!
Teresa in California

Georgianna said...

Dearest Amy, I am distressed that you encounter such contradictions to your bright spirit. The ONLY thing you can do is stay true to what you know is right. It often seems unfair and never makes sense.

You are a rare, precious jewel yourself. And I know your senses are sharp and that you DO see the magic.

sending love,

- g

deb famularo said...

Hello Dear Amy, it's been so long since I've been on blogger...almost a year.Today I came back and I had to stop here and say hello. I am so glad I did. You and Anita, you are both such powerful beings of light.... you both are so inspiring to me. I am kicking myself for being MIA for so long and missing your beautiful blog posts. I was supposed to hear your message today. Don't let anyone try to "darken" your light.... I think that when you are so good hearted, some people don't understand it, and because of that they try to knock you down. Just keep shining girl! You've got the secret within! And that's all that's important. xoxoxo

mirsini's creations said...

Wow.....LOVE this post !!!! Thank you so much for always sharing your light and your wise thoughts beautiful Amy....i'm sure you will keep it that way....fairies always flow !!!
We must let our senses guide us to our our dreams !!! Never let our river dry up.....always flow !!! I so agree with you !!!
Send you my love shining fairy !!!
Lots of stardust kisses !!! ;o))))