Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Once upon a time...

ever so many years ago, Truth suddenly vanished from out of the world. When people perceived this, they were greatly alarmed and at once sent five wise men in search of Truth. They set out, one in this direction and one in that, all plentifully equipped with traveling expenses and good intentions. They sought for ten long years. Then, they returned, each separately. While still at a distance, they waved their hats and shouted that they had found Truth.

The first stepped forward and declared that Truth was Science. He was not able to finish his report, however, for before he had done, another thrust him aside and shouted that that was a lie, that Truth was Theology and that he had found it. Now, while these two were at loggerheads--for the Science man replied to the attack vigorously--there came a third and said, in beautiful words, that Love was Truth, without a doubt. Then, came the fourth and he stated, quite curtly, that he had Truth in his pocket, that it was gold, and that all the rest was childish nonsense. At last, came the fifth. He could not stand on his legs, and gave a gurgling laugh, and said that Truth was wine. He had found Truth in wine, after looking everywhere.

Then, the five wise men began to fight, and they pummeled one another so lustily that it was horrible to see. Science had its head broken, and Love was so greatly ill-treated that it had to change its clothes before it could show itself again in respectable society. Gold was so thoroughly stripped of every covering that people felt awkward about knowing it; and the bottle broke and Wine flowed away into the mud. But, Theology came off worst of all...everybody had a blow at it and it became the laughing stock of all beholders.

And people took sides, some with this one and some with that, and they shouted so loud that they could neither see nor hear for the din. But, far away, at the extreme end of the Earth, sat a few and mourned because they thought that Truth had gone to pieces and would never be made whole, again.

Now, as they sat there, a little girl came running up and said that she had found Truth. If they would just come with her--it was not very far. Truth was sitting in the midst of the world, in a green meadow.

Then, there came a pause in the fighting, for the little girl looked so very sweet. First, one went with her; then, another; and ever more... At last, they were all in the meadow and there, discovered a figure the like of which they had never seen before. There was no distinguishing whether it was a man or a woman, an adult or a child. Its forehead was pure as that of one who knows no sin; its eyes deep and serious as those of one who has read into the heart of the whole world. Its mouth opened with the brightest smile and then, quivered with a sadness greater than any could describe. Its hand was soft as a mother's and strong as the hand of a king; its foot trod the earth firmly, yet crushed not a flower. Then, the figure had large, soft, wings, like the birds that fly at night.

Now, as they stood there and stared, the figure drew itself up and cried, in a voice that sounded like bells ringing, "I am truth!"

"It's a fairytale!" said Science.

"It's a fairytale!" cried Theology and Love and Gold and Wine.

Then, the five wise men and their followers went away, and they continued to fight until the world was shaken to its center.

But, a few old and weary men and a few young men with ardent and eager souls and many women and thousands of children with great wide eyes... these remained in the green meadow where the Fairy Tale was."

This story was written in 1905 by Carl Ewald and was called, "The Story of a Fairy Tale."
I miss visiting all of you and plan after next week to walk through all of your portal's again with more frequency, friends. Please have a lovely week, in the meantime, in your imagination's meadow, for there is where you will see the problems of the world in the light of a bright, spring morn.


Carol said...

I hadn't read that story before, beautiful and moving. Thank you
Carol xx

Stace said...

I've never heard this story before. Love it!

Jacqui said...

Very moving post, thankyou for sharing with us. I love your blog and your paintings

Bella said...

What a lovely post, as always.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Amy,

Lovely story. I've never
read this before...thanks
for sharing.

Stephanie ♥

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you so much for sharing that tale. :) Your artwork accompanied it perfectly. Theresa

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful one....All I can say is that my heart and mind both tell me that LOVE wins over all, in the beginning and in the final analysis....really, it is the only thing that works in this life to disarm the ugliest of intentions and actions. If only everyone would engage in it. Beautiful story, illustrations and heart dear one. Blessings, Anita

Phil said...

I recognize that beautiful painting...she is as lovely as ever. I love the fairytale as well. It is all about love. I've missed visiting with you and hope all is well. You bring such light and happiness to so many's worlds. Hugs sheila

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh yes dearest...sooo tired, yet love revives and it is the grandest fairytale of them all. I am so glad that you enjoy coming to my blog; vice-versa dear heart...I so wish I had more time, but spring break is coming and hopefully will allow me to draw and write. What a gift it is to be alive. Anita

Kiki aka Victoria said...

How gorgeous ..what a divine way for my to start my morning sipping on my tea..thankyou Amy! Gorgeous art...fabulous!! I can feel the energy vibing from it..spectacular!

Abi said...

Aw, thank you for sharing the story ~ I agree with Theresa - your artwork combines perfectly!
And I see Conifer! thank you so much :O)
Your words you sent me took my breath away... and for that, I thank you. It's kind, meaningful messages such as yours, that keep me inspired.
I hope you too have a lovely week
Abi X

Zuzu said...

You spread light & love with every post, Amy! :)

Georgianna said...

I had never read this. I am captivated. Thank you so much, dear Amy. xo

kat said...

Thank you for sharing this story,reading it was a perfect ending to the day.
Butterfly wishes to you Amy, Kat x