Saturday, January 15, 2011

"The fog comes on little cat feet..." ~Sandburg

"My darling," the little cat said, "The fairies have come with the fog. Follow my prints past the strawberry patch, those little greens, tucked-in sweetly under downy white, and see what was left for you in the sweet sunlight...

The elves, they have cobbled, for they know you have wobbled on shoes that were not up to par. They understand the magic of a lovely turned heel and that when weary it can take you far."

"What a sweet surprise and oh! just my size! Truly, Moonstar, I cannot believe my mind and my eyes."

How can a fairytale girl be so lucky... now I will feel a bit of whimsy and possibly, a bit more plucky to don such a pair as these... Teaching will be elevated and matching my vintage outfits, a breeze."

So, there you have it, new shoes on platters in the snow beyond the sleeping strawberries. Who knew? Woo hoo!
(Secretly, who knew you could find such deals at JC Penney's... I found three pair at their sale the first week of Jan. for under 80 dollars! Given I do not spend to no end on fashion... St. Vincent's is my haunt of choice... new shoes for that price brought visions of elves and cobbling to my head, hee hee.)


Terri said...

Such a fun post! I love your new shoes. They are so vintage! And at J.C. Penny's! Who knew!

jade said...

What a romantic that beautiful shoes and the sweet cat.......sooooooo lovely!!!! And thank you for your lovely would make me proud to be in your sidebar!!! Have a wonderful sunday,

Hugs Jade

faerwillow said...

~oh those wee little elves surely did bring forth some magic in these there shoes they cobbled...adorably fun vintage treasures you have found yet brand new!!! i too can be found hunting my way through thrift stores versus departments...a wonderful little tale you have weaved and enjoy your new shoes...much love light and blessings upon you always~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LOVE IT! Faeries do wear high heel shoes! I DO! EVERY DAY...and everyone know that Madame Rivera is coming from the click-clack of my TALONS!!! Oh, you are magical.....Anita

Jessie said...

Such pretty shoes and so stylish! Have a lovely weekend! xx

Terri Kahrs said...

You made me smile when I read the Sandburg quote -- one of my favorite poets!!! Love those new dancing shoes -- they're fit for a fairy princess!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Victoria Sayer said...

You have a CAT in the SNOW, so of course I had to come and learn some more, as I love both cats and snow! Cute boots. It is such fun to be out hunting and gathering such treats. Nice one.
I love the opp shops, for the surprise around every corner. One just never knows what can be found.

If you get the chance, do drop by my 'green and white garden, to check out my very first 'giveaway'.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a cute post! Your new shoes are adorable - I love how you presented them - as special gifts from the faeries of Penneys. Enjoy! Theresa