Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogger Sorority Rush Art and Article for Some Days Are Diamonds Blogger Sisterhood...

This article was in my 1916 Needlecraft magazine and I envision all my Blogger Sisters from all over Blogland discussing their Dreams and how to make them come true... So this art and this article from 1916 is my Sorority Rush for Karen's Sisterhood at http://www.somedaysarediamonds-karen.blogspot.com/

Needlecraft 1916

"Do Dreams Come True?"

Do you really believe that an earnest desire for a certain thing will bring it to one? That is, is there hope that such a desire may be fulfilled even though there seems no possible way open to it? I have long wanted to study music, both vocal and instrumental, yet the realization of my dream seems as far away as ever. "Do you suppose it can ever come true? If so, what can I do to help bring it quickly?"

You see, our problems are all pretty nearly the same in one respect. We all want something-- and too often that something seems so out of our reach as to discourage even the struggle to attain it. Then we fall to wishing, and to merely wish for what we believe to be unattainable is to breed unlovely discontent, and make us all the more unhappy.

One of the first ideas we must get firmly fixed in mind, accepting it with all our hearts and according to it the sustenance of steadfasst belief, is that nothing is too good to be true; Indeed, anything really worth while is too good not to be true-- for good and not evil is the great reality of life. That is another truth for us all to remember.

And so I wrote this girl of mine: "Indeed, I do believe that dreams come true. I do believe we can have whatever we want--IF we want it hard enough. That is a pretty big 'if,' you see. To merely wish for a thing, however good and right it may be for us to gain the desired end, and sit down and dream about it, feeling in our heart of hearts that it is not for us, is not the way to set about getting it. We must want it hard-- it must seem to us the great aim of life, bigger and grander than anything else. And then we must work for it, cultivating the strongest sort of faith in the possibility of attainment.

Take, for example, your own desire for a musical education; another girl may want to go to college, or find a way of earning money for herself, or get a new gown or hat which seems not quite among the possibilities-- big or little desires follow the same path toward fulfillment. First, as suggested, you must know exactly what you do want; you must be able to form a mental picture of it, clear and definite, in your mind's eye, and you must keep it there. Then, by every known token, as evidenced by my own observation and experience, the way is sure to open... So dream your dreams, girls, and keep your ideals high. Believe in them, do your part, and you cannot help winning. Nobody says not to you but yourself-- do not forget that." A.G.F.

Is this not the single most delightful article you could read "girls?" I could not believe it when I read it. I picked up these Needlecrafts at a home sale and had to have them, even came back to get more later... but, I just found this article this week in one.

(Don't think it went unnoticed that the initials of the author of this article is crazy close to my own. hee hee)

Sisters of Blogland, Dream, Write, Express, Try, Connect, Laugh... We always have Sisters around us and so did the dear girls before us... Just believe.
For the Rush Art, I took the Sister image above and glued it to one of my print outs of my old mirror from this big old house and my white lilacs and then added the "Do Dreams Come True?" from the 1916 article in Needlecraft.


Kiki said...

A super wonderful read..lovely and inspiring words..yay..magic! thanks for sharing this sparkling gem Amy!

Terri Kahrs said...

So very lovely, Amy!!! Dreams, hopes and wishes are eternal. Tonight when I see my favorite wishing star high in the heavens, I'll ponder and wonder as to how many sisters in spirit have chosen and made their wishes upon the same shining orb. Hugs, Terri xoxo


what a great article this is !!

thanks for visiting my blog :)

duendes said...

hi, is very very beautiful.hugs

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon precious AMy....I so love you. We belong to the SISTAHOOD, don't we all? I saw your lovely art at Rose's site...BBFlocking...I was not surprise to find that it was your art that attracted me to the image when I first clicked on her blog. What beauty there is to find here...bless you dear one. Anita

Sandra Z said...

Hello, Amy. Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping at my blog and commenting. Best regards from Zagreb.


LOVED this post of yours ! Brilliant.

Georgianna said...

Yes, dear Amy, this is a truly delightful article and well worth sharing with all in the sisterhood. And your beautiful words and and dreamy art make everyday a sparkling diamond. xo – g

porter place cottage said...

Hello there Sista. Love your R*U*S*H project!! I'm excited about our sorority and all the F*U*N to come! Sorry it's taken me so long to get here but trying to visit each and everyone!

June said...

Amy this article is wonderful and so very true. I don't know where I would be in my life without my hopes and dreams and aspirations. They are what keep me going at times. I love how you used the sisters picture for your 'rush' project.

Joyce said...

My dear friend Karen Harvey Cox sent me your link and said that I just had to visit your blog. She knows me so well. Your blog is so wonderful and your photography absolutely stunning. I loved your tea party! Karen and I have put a little tea story together and I hope that you find time to come by for tea and say hi. I will definitely be back to visit from time to time. So beautiful.

To Mommies and Beyond said...

I enjoyed my visit here. I am a new bloggerette sorority sister. I am visiting to introduce myself and follow your blog. I would love for you to visit me @ www.mommiesandbeyond.com
Looking forward to reading and seeing more!!!