Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Faery Glamour...

Tiny hands with tiny bouquets sprinkle faerydust on my eyes...

Glamour wasn't always a word that conjured up visions of high fashion or starlets in Hollywood. No, glamour was magic, stardust in your eyes, the ability to make everything within your reach the pinnacle of delight, enchantment and lush with all your dearest dreams.

In the stories of old, when you were in the presence of a faery, each step led you into a sparkle of glamour and your eyes saw things in a heavenly way. Your world became enchanted, filled with song and gossamer webs sprinkled with dew. Violets, flowers, sweet, lush greens filled your eyes and all that you wished to see was before you. The dearest enticements led you deeper into the sun-streamed forest and there in the heart of the woods was all you ever needed, the people you loved, the gifts you sought, the peace you dreamt of and the creativeness that would keep that vision your reality.

Towns people would speak of the woman or man who found the glamour in the glen and left all misery behind.

These were the stories.

Today, we can tap into glamour, true glamour, without leaving everything else behind because our hearts can be that verdant bouquet, held in the tiny hands of eternal and internal youth, our friends' laughter, generosity, can feed our sweet spirits, the gifts of life are before us and those we love or want to love await.

Thank-you Terri Kahrs for the birthday gifts that made me gasp and...Thank-you for the package that made me spin with joy...
See more of her brilliance here, http://www.pringlehill-terri.blogspot.com Thank-you for spending Sunday with me friends, making it glamourous! A little glamour from the novel
An Enchanted April...

"How funny..."

"What is funny?"

"We are. This is. Everything. It's all so wonderful. It's so funny and so adorable that we should be in it. I daresay when we finally reach heaven--the one they talk about so much--- we shan't find it a bit more beautiful."

"Let's go and look at that tree close," said Mrs. Wilkins. "I don't believe it can only be a tree."
And arm in arm they went along the hall, and their husbands would not have known them their faces were so young with eagerness, and together they stood at the open window... and their eyes... feasted on the marvelous pink thing..."
I probably can not express how much I miss having the time to visit. The library is such a blessing, but I can't be away long. So, next time is dedicated to visits. I look sooooo forward to that day. Thanks for understanding. We are working on figuring out our options for a computer for home again. love and light all!
P.S. Peek at Crescendoh.com and go to the bottom of the home page and click on my face! You will get to read my article for dear Jenny Doh's endeavor, ART SAVES. I am honored to give recognition to Jens Jensen's Folk Art School, The Clearing. Thanks Jenny for the beautiful experience and the opportunity to write this for you. http://www.crescendoh.com


Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhhh, Dear Sweet Amy! I'm so thrilled that you're pleased with your gifts!!! You've made my heart sing with joy because of your happiness. Love & Blessings, Terri xoxo

stregata said...

Such beautiful gifts!!
Your eyes are filled with glamour, everyday. Have a wonderful one!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Amy, it is so interesting that you would choose to speak of glamour in this way...I am planning to do a post on something similar!!!! And I must add, you look stunning in the photo! What a beautiful post my dear....isn't life capable of being so sweet always, in our hearts??? Bisous my dear, Anita

Bella said...

Beautiful gifts, beautiful post.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What lovely flowers! And thank you so much for posting that excerpt from "Enchanted April" - I have not read it before. How lovely that you spent time with your dear friends on your birthday, and what amazingly lovely gifts you received! :) Theresa

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AMY!!!!! OH WOWOWOWOOW!!! First of all, you darling, darling faery, you! Sending me something? You are amazing...thank you a million times over! And then Crescendoh....what a delicious place! I need to look at this very closely here; I am going to change, I just got home from work, and then sit here and enjoy. Thank you so much my dear and I HOPE THAT YOU HAD A GREAT BDAY TOO!!! I love you dear one, Anita

icandy... said...

Crescendoh...I definitely have to check you out!
Glamour is... YOU!
Faery hugs, my sweet friend!