Sunday, March 28, 2010

"...Seeing only what is fair, sipping only what is sweet..."

"The pedigree of honey does not concern the bee; A clover, anytime, to him is aristocracy." ~Emily Dickinson
Don't be blind to the blossom of this life infront of you...

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." ~Iris Murdoch

THE HUMBLE-BEE by Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Burly, dozing humble-bee, Where thou art is clime for me. Let them sail for Porto Rique, Far-off heats through seas to seek; I will follow thee alone, Thou animated torrid-zone! Zigzag steerer, desert cheerer, Let me chase thy waving lines; Keep me nearer, me thy hearer, Singing over shrubs and vines. Insect lover of the sun, Joy of thy dominion! Sailor of the atmosphere; Swimmer through the waves of air; Voyager of light and noon; Epicurean of June; Wait, I prithee, till I come Within earshot of thy hum,-- All without is martyrdom. When the south wind, in May days, With a net of shining haze Silvers the horizon wall, And with softness touching all, Tints the human countenance With a color of romance, And infusing subtle heats, Turns the sod to violets, Thou, in sunny solitudes, Rover of the underwoods, The green silence dost displace With thy mellow, breezy bass. Hot midsummer's petted crone, Sweet to me thy drowsy tone Tells of countless sunny hours, Long days, and solid banks of flowers; Of gulfs of sweetness without bound In Indian wildernesses found; Of Syrian peace, immortal leisure, Firmest cheer, and bird-like pleasure. Aught unsavory or unclean Hath my insect never seen; But violets and bilberry bells, Maple-sap and daffodels, Grass with green flag half-mast high, Succory to match the sky, Columbine with horn of honey, Scented fern, and agrimony, Clover, catchfly, adder's-tongue And brier-roses, dwelt among; All beside was unknown waste, All was picture as he passed.

Wiser far than human seer,

Yellow-breeched philosopher!

Seeing only what is fair,

Sipping only what is sweet,

Thou dost mock at fate and care, Leave the chaff, and take the wheat. When the fierce northwestern blast Cools sea and land so far and fast, Thou already slumberest deep; Woe and want thou canst outsleep; Want and woe, which torture us, Thy sleep makes ridiculous."

I was at a function recently and it made me wish to just be. To just be alone. To just sit with the bees. To listen to the kind hum. To listen to the soft landing of yellow velvet and ebony legs of grace. Women, learn from the bee, I deplore you. Those of you at that function buzzing around like hornets with your "doing" and gossip. How do you scatter joy? Must it be malice and envy you deploy? We are the queens of our fair garden. Do you not know? Why must you let your pettiness and baseness show? Try humility. Kindness is easy. BEE-lieve in your self and the goodness of things, don't walk around giving out little stings.

There is a vast difference between you and me, the hornet versus the honeybee. Though you didn't direct any stings at me, gossip is not what I am willing to see. A hornet, I am not willing to be.

I will choose to be "Wiser far than human seer, yellow-breeched philosopher! Seeing only what is fair, sipping only what is sweet."

Buzz through this Secret Garden life and see the flowers, their freshness, their miracle, their soft perfection, these are the people before you. If you pass by with blind, cruel eyes, your chance at joy will have its demise.

Bee kind. Bee humble. Bee love.


Kiki said...

INspiring..pure MAGIC! Always a joy to be charmed by your posts and creations you share! Thank you for adding beauty and magic to my day!Blessings

stregata said...

May your day bee full of sunshine and beauty, friendship and kindness!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful, beautiful post! I agree with every word here. :) Thank you so much. Theresa

apinkdreamer said...

what wonderful words you write!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

There is no place for hornets and wasps with their ugly stings and poisonous venom in this garden of light and love. Well said, Amy! Words of love, inspiration and hope and just as easily "buzzed". Blessings & Love, Terri xoxo


beautiful....and simply put, flowers are sheer bliss!

thanks for sharing this, and also for coming by!

ciao bella

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That, is beautiful Amy. We can learn so much from observing nature and standing still. We have to force ourselves to do it, because our created culture is to busy, but not like the humble bee. How lovely is your heart and mind. Anita

Sheila said...

Absolutely and positively beautiful!! The rose is such a magical symbol and the little the little bees. Hope you are doing wonderful...have a blessed week! Sheila